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Beautiful design speaks for itself. Smart design speaks to the future. Iconic design speaks volumes. Why speak only one?

Welcome to Hale Design, a bicoastal, multidisciplinary brand strategy and design consultancy steeped in successful brand making and reawakening.  We love it, we live it, we put everything into it.

Our efforts to create memorable world-class brands are aimed at a single purpose: achieving brand clarity.  By crystalizing the many facets of your brand into its true essence, we’re able to produce iconic, inspired brands and design that not only solve business problems, it cuts through the visual and vocal clutter, carrying with it significance and staying power.

Whether you’re a startup, challenger brand or category leader, we’ve been there.

Our deep roots in the corporate world serving the biggest and brightest across industries has empowered us with an enduring creative vision and a demonstrated strategic command.

We look forward to boldly and flawlessly articulating your vision and business goals.  With our experience, strategic leadership, and dedicated team of innovators and brilliant creative minds powering your next project, you will defy expectations and transform the way the world embraces you.



Establishing a
Winning Blueprint

Market Opportunity Assessment
and Identification

Consumer/Guest Insights

Competitive Benchmarking
and Trends

Brand Positioning

Brand Architecture

Journey Mapping and Assessment

Brand Briefs

Market Research

Building the
Brand Experience

Brand Story 

Creative Vision and Leadership

Concepting and Ideation


Logo and Identity

Visual Systems 

Brand Voice

Art Direction 

Branded Digital Experiences
(Video, Social, AR, VR)

Ensuring a
Seamless Launch

Branded Communications
& Messaging

Launch and Event Production

Piloting and Prototyping

Experiences, Events, Activations + Campaigns

Event and Campaign Activations

Brand Training

Culture Strategy and Activation

Executive Coaching and Training

Touchpoint Analysis

Experience Strategy

Customer and Guest
Experience Design

Branded Environments

Signage Programs

Design Workshops



Hailing from both coasts and in between, our team is handpicked for their deep experience and groundbreaking work. 

Depending on your unique needs, we assign a dedicated team of strategic thinkers, marketers, creators and makers to bring your vision to life.

Our team includes The Collective — a group of industry leaders who give our team the power to expand.

Su_4 copy.jpg
Su Mathews Hale

CEO and Chief Creative Officer

Danielle Tracy

Chief Strategy Officer

Jackie Dille

Vice President, Strategy

Brooks Hale

Vice President
Culture Strategy and Activation

Nijel Taylor

The Collective,
Creative Director

Kyle Davis

The Collective,
Design Director

Randall Stone.jpeg
Randall Stone

The Collective,
Innovation & Experience Design

Asya Palatova

The Collective,
Project Manager

Drew Davies

The Collective,
Creative Director

Lisa Mazur image.jpeg
Lisa Mazur

The Collective,
Creative Director

Libby Ferguson image.jpeg
Libby Ferguson

The Collective,
Content Strategist & Writer

Jennifer Sterling image.jpeg
Jennifer Sterling

The Collective,
Creative Director

Erin Ranieri 

Project Manager

Erin Ranieri_bw_update.jpg
Lucia Becerra

Finance Manager

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